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Best Trading Strategies: Master Trading the Futures, Stocks, ETFs, Forex and Option Markets Value $30.00

This is one of the most fascinating books that was ever written about trading because it is written by over thirty expert traders. These traders have many years of experience and they have learned how to turn technical analysis into profits in the markets. This is extremely difficult to do and if you have ever tried to trade the markets with technical analysis you would know what I mean. These writers have some of the best trading strategies they use and have the conviction and the discipline to act assertively and pull the buy or sell trigger regardless of pressures they have against them. They have presented these strategies at the Traders World Online Expo #14 in video presentations and in this book.

What sets these traders apart from other traders? Many think that beating the markets has something to do with discovering and using some secret formula. The traders in this book have the right attitude and many employ a combination of fundamental analysis, technical analysis principles and formulas in their best trading strategies.

Trading is one of the best ways to make a lot of money in the world if one does it right. One needs to find successful trading strategies and implement them in their own trading method. The purpose of this book is to present to you the best trading strategies of these traders so that you might be able to select those that fit you best and then implement them into your own trading. 

I wish to express my appreciation to all the writers in this book who made the book possible. They have spent many hours of their time and hard work in writing their section of the book and the putting together their video presentation for the online expo

Gann Trade Real Time  Value $50.00

GETTING STARTED……In the past three years you have heard about the new day-traders. Many new people quitting their professions to start a new career in day trading. They buy expensive computers, hook up to high-speed Internet access and start trading with limited capital. Even housewives were using their grocery money during the week in hopes of making money. Some retired people put their entire life savings on the line day trading and lost it all. The reason most of these people have lost or will lose is their trading is not based on sound mathematical principles, but rather just seat-of-their-pants gambling. The methods they trade on are not scientific nor are the methods back tested for any degree of time.

When you opened this book you took the one step that will help you learn how to be successful at the most desirable, but hardest profession in the world. That profession is real time trading. This book is not going to give you an instant secret to day trading. It is going to give you the basics so that you might start the path to understanding how the markets work both short term and long term. You need to know and fully understand the markets and develop successful trading strategies to become successful at this endeavor. Knowledge of the markets must be combined with discipline to effectively control your emotions to stick to what you have learned and consistently make money in the markets. Most people have lost money in the markets due to several simple mistakes. You can prevail over that market and overcome these mistakes. This book will also teach you how to understand, distinguish and steer clear of these common mistakes.

If you are just getting started or if you are an experienced trader, you will find this book a very practical guide. You’ll learn the basics from hardware and software to getting the right brokerage firm. You will learn how to use the right kind of orders for your trades.

It is our sincere wish that you learn how to successfully trade the markets in the real-time trading atmosphere. By the end of the book, we hope that we have made it easier, less risky and a more lucrative endeavor.

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Trade The Markets with an Edge Value $30.00

If you don't have the mind of a top trader, this book might be able to help you develop one. The writers in this book are very experienced and they are here to help you to be successful. Each of them have their own expertise in trading. What you need to do is to read the entire book and find the trader that fits your own trading style and grab it and make it your own. It is just that simple.

Find Success

This book presents to you the best trading strategies of these traders so that you might be able to select those that fit you best and then implement them into your own trading style. In this book you'll learn:

1) How these expert traders make money and why
2) How to develop your own trading strategy
3) How to improve your trading psychology
4) How to be the trader you always wanted to be

You'll also learn how to avoid the losers and get rid of emotional attachment to trades. To be successful you need to learn to dump the losers quickly and keep the winners for big moves. Another thing this book does it that it gives you the desire to make continuous profits just like the master traders do. Making profits one after another gives you a fantastic feeling which is tremendous!

Tips for Success

Also in this book you will know who to listen to for ideas from people who have many years of experience and who are seasoned traders.

Crucial Factors

In this book learn about crucial factors in the markets that many experts won't tell you about regarding time, volume and little known indicators. You'll know the right factors that can make you a profitable trader. The unique viewpoints from these many traders can explain why many traders lose and that can help you. The book was designed to help you develop your own trading edge in the markets to put you above others who don’t have an edge and just trade by the seat of their pants.