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Demographics of Traders World.

Our magazine goes to traders and investors in the market that are interested in both classical and modern technical analysis. They are high net worth professional and business individuals with an average age of 35 to 65. Many of them have traded for years and are continually looking to improve their trading with new books, better trading equipment and improved technology that software can provide. They are also looking for better online data and brokerage services. Another part of our subscribers are ones that are completely new to trading the market by themselves. They were disappointed with the performance of their returns last year by money managers and want to do it themselves. The international subscriptions have also increased in the last few months as this is now a world financial world market.

Traders World Digital Magazine is now delivered to our subscribers e-mail boxes quarterly automatically.
It is currently availalble in only the PDF format and is readable on computers, the IPAD and the Barnes & Nobel color nook. Also many of the new tablets can read pdf format. It is also printable as many subcribers still like to read in on paper.

Traders World Digital Magazine has always gone way beyond the just ordinary method of technical analysis and trading of the markets. We're on a mission to find the most exciting trading methods and emerging trends in the markets. Because we know that our readers are always hungry for more than just ordinary trading methods in the markets, we bring an energetic take on trading with the best methods and stories possible.


Magazine is sent out to 13,000+ traders.

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