Traders World Issue #33

  1. Dynamic Trader V4 Takes A Quantum Leap 
  2. The Three-line Break chart (TLB) – part I
  3. Trading Psychology: the Trader’s Mindset 
  4. A Solar Eclipse and a Fast Break in a Stock 
  5. Paying the Price for Success 
  6. Practical Application of an Authentic ‘Square of Nine’ Part Two 
  7. Murrey converts Gann to Murrey Math Real-Time Software 
  8. Soybeans Are In a Two Season Bull Market 
  9. Applications of Theoretical Wave Mechanics As Taught By Dr. Jerome 
  10. Looking Back at the Past Thru the Square of Nine
  11. WD Gann Unveiled 
  12. Systems Trading Might be the Edge You are Looking For 
  13. Geometric Progression 
  14. Price Synchronicity 
  15. Managing Your Short Option’s Position 
  16. Option Spreads: The Rosetta Stone that Sheds Crocodile Tears 
  17. The Secrets of the Square and Circle
  18. The Simple ABC Correction 
  19. Quality Improvement in Trading 
  20. The FX Market - Past & Present 
  21. Chance Favors the Prepared Mind 
  22. Gann and the Fifth Dimension 

     Charting of Prices with System and Order