Traders World Issue #53

  1. Interview with Dan Zanger
  2. As Above So Below The Astrological (H) Edge with Trading! 
  3. Math by Design Using Overlays 
  4. Sometimes Things Just Don’t Work Out 
  5. Glaring Money Trends and Risk Flares that Every Trader Should be Following 
  6. Modeling Top Traders 
  7. How to Develop a Winning Trading Strategy 
  8. This is the Mindset of a Successful Trader 
  9. Trading Out of Randomness 
  10. The W.D. Gann Methods for Forecasting Seasonal Analysis 
  11. Time by Synodical Degreees 
  12. Two Bits.. or Not Two Bits Sept. 2012 -- Sept. 2013 - Financial Foreshocks? 
  13. 7 Reasons Why Silver is Poised For Storng Permance 
  14. High Power Trading with Geometry 
  15. The Path Ahead for 2013: Showcasing the NASDAQ 100 and S&P 500 e-Mini Futures