Traders World Issue #57

  1. How to Trade Like W.D. Gann
  2. Signals for Traders
  3. Are We in A Bubble?
  4. Using Float Volume Analysis for Better Stock Traders
  5. The Search for the Ancient System Seeking the Orgins of Prognostic Astronomy
  6. Momentum Trading Advances over Trend Trading
  7. Reasons and Excuses: Giving Traders Back their Power
  8. Trading the 401k Portfolio
  9. The VSA Setup
  10. VantagePoint 8.0 Software Review
  11. Using the New Andrews Pitchfork Indicator
  12. Candle Charting Basics - Spotting the Early Reversal Signals
  13. How to Make Moving Averages Work for You
  14. A Scalper's Dream Come True: Combining Volume Techniques to Identify Where to Take Prfots
  15. It’s about Time
  16. ATA
  17. Detect Intraday Volume Cycles for the E-mini S&P 500 Futures using a Genetic Algorithm
  18. Interview with Jacob Singer
  19. How to Take Consistent Profits Out of the Market Every Day Includes Sample Trading Plan
  20. The Tradition of Financial Astrology: The Secret Behind Market Movement is in the Stars
  21. My Favorite Candlestick Patterns
  22. Gilbert’s beta Test is coming with Hi-Tech Studies Now
  23. Bear Market - Bull Market - Who Cares! The Money is in Trading The Oscillations
  24. Profiting in a "Rigged Market"