Traders World Issue #56

  1. Is it Really So Hard to Make Money with Trading?
  2. Dream Trading Success
  3. Cycles vs. Periodicity
  4. Break the Mystique about Hedge Funds - Prepard like a Pro-Trader
  5. Opportunity Diversification
  6. Interview with Mathew Verdouw of Market-Analyst
  7. Market Breadth Indicators
  8. Actions & Attitudes of Successful Traders
  9. Year End Portfolio Window Dressing... What’s In it For You!
  10. Power Cycle Trading Break-Out Scanner Review
  11. Gilbert’s Best Idea for Trading - 5% Weekly
  12. Using Andrews Divergence to Find Reversal Points
  13. Automate Your Trade Selection
  14. Why Turning Mercury Retrograde into Trading Profits Demands Your Full Attention
  15. Daytrading the eMini Inside Gap
  16. Detection of Dynamic, Dominate Cycles in Financial Data with a Genetic Algorithm
  17. Rick Ackerman’s Forecasting Tool
  18. Give Me the Best
  19. High Probability Relative Strength Trading
  20. The Tradition of Financial Astrology:  The Secret Behind Market
  21. Movement is in the Stars
  22. Gann Grids Ultra Software Version