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How to Trade Like W.D. Gann - The basic theme of trading as Gann wrote
about it was to buy when the market was going up and sell when it was falling. He was not a buy and hold strategist. His own research indicated that market movements are governed by cycles, which enabled a trader to determine in advance when these changes in direction should occur.

Signals for Traders - The basic theme of trading as Gann wrote
about it was to buy when the market was going up and sell when it was falling. He was not a buy and hold strategist. His own research indicated that market movements are governed by cycles, which enabled a trader to determine in advance when these changes in direction should occur.

Are We in A Bubble? - History repeats because human emotions and behavior to similar external stimulus remain consistent over the course of time.
A human being’s desire for more money or the fear of losing it doesn’t fundamentally change, so why wouldn’t business cycles and price patterns reflect this underlying truth? Is it possible that there could be such a thing as a rational bubble?

Using Float Volume Analysis for Better Stock Traders - The Woods Cumulative Volume Float Indicators, more commonly referred to as FloatAnalysis tools, help to give visual form to the expression, “The smart money buys at the bottom and sells at the top; the dumb money buys at the top and sells at the bottom.”

The Search for the Ancient System Seeking the Orgins of Prognostic Astronomy - Predictive financial astrology is one of the most hotly pursued yet thoroughly misunderstood subjects within the entire spectrum of financial research and prognostic science. The unfortunate failure of researchers in this tradition is not due to any lack of effort or competence, but due to the vastness of the subject and the underlying complexity of the topic.

Momentum Trading Advances over Trend Trading - Momentum trading carries a fantastic opportunity for the private investor to strive for profitability via constant income and frequent trading. Experience the entire trading  concept.

Reasons and Excuses: Giving Traders Back their Power - If you are to reach or maintain the level of trading success you desire, you will have
to find ways to meet your obligations, fulfill your goals, and keep your word to yourself and others regardless of what it takes. You can’t do that, however, if you have a life-long pattern of making excuses.

Trading the 401k Portfolio - Why bother to trade ETFs or Mutual Funds
(MFs)? Is it even possible to do so in a timely manner? Can I obtain an actively “traded/managed” portfolio for my own 401k Plan?

The VSA Setup - There are many traders who like to play breakouts on high volume. While there is definitely money to be made here, we know that only about 4 out of 10 of these potential high volume breakouts are successful.

Using the New Andrews Pitchfork Indicator - Traders have a dilemma. The professionals tell them risk management is the key. Their
gut tells them it’s all about finding the right entry signal and systems. When they reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they find that it is filled with great entry signals with systems that provide excellent risk management.

Candle Charting Basics - Are easy to understand: Anyone, from the first-time chartist to the seasoned professional can easily harness the power of candle charts

How to Make Moving Averages Work for You - Using a basic program involving time-tested moving averages in a disciplined fashion can supercharge your trading performance. In this article we’ll see just how a simple moving average system can work for you.

A Scalper's Dream Come True: Combining Volume Techniques to Identify Where to Take Profits - One of the biggest challenges for day traders and scalpers is where to take profits.

It’s about Time - “Time Patterns” exist with a fractal nature, just like the Elliott Wave, smaller time patterns within larger. These time patterns indicate periods where small or large bull market would be very likely to occur.

ATA - The quest to find the perfect, or at least a profitable trading method, has been allusive to the majority of traders for years. A perfect method does not exist, but profitable ones do.

Detect Intraday Volume Cycles for the E-mini S&P 500 Futures using a Genetic Algorithm - Instead of time-based cycles, it makes much sense to look for fixed amount of volume cycles to spot market turns

Interview with Jacob Singer - Listen to what this expert trader has to say.

How to Take Consistent Profits Out of the Market Every Day Includes Sample Trading Plan - I have developed a full suite of charts and indicators known as the Trendicators™ and a market analyzer known as the TradeFinder™.

The Tradition of Financial Astrology: The Secret Behind Market Movement is in the Stars - J.P. Morgan, died with a net worth of over 600 million and did not quite live up to his famous proclamation. But in the 1920’s such a fortune is still astounding by today’s standards.

My Favorite Candlestick Patterns - I prefer candlestick patterns that require more than one candlestick to flash a signal. With more than one candlestick required, you are getting a confirmation of your theory

Gilbert’s beta Test is coming with Hi-Tech Studies Now - This article shows I have called the down side of the market on two different stocks. And in doing this I have bent over backwards to have simplicity

Bear Market - Bull Market - Who Cares! The Money is in Trading The Oscillations - Every year we get the big breaking news that some big Wall Street Wanna Be or Has Been has predicted a huge bear market, while others are screaming Bull market. Please understand, this is all just NOISE, by people who want to get noticed.

Profiting in a "Rigged Market" - There has been a great deal of press coverage recently about the markets being potentially rigged, especially as it relates to the influence that HFT’s or High Frequency Trading machines have on the general equities market.

The Sonata Silent Trading Computer - The Sonata Trading computer is the highest rated trading computer today. It has the award winning Asus Z87 motherboard, the super-fast Intel 4th generation CPUs, powerful Corsair Vengence Memory and the industry acclaimed nearly silent power supplies.