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This tells you how to update your Traders World subscription to the Premium Version.

Larry Jacobs - Editor

To update your account to the Premium Version for $10.00

Click the following button and order the update.

After we get the order, we will look up your account and manually transfer it to a premium account.

It will keep the same ending data as your orginally subscription, but you will have access to all the
back issues in Flip Page Format.

We will then email you the username and password for your new accout.

Take the Username and Password to login.

Go to the members area of Traders World Magazine and enter your username and password

That will take you to the Archive Section:

In that section you can select any issue you want to view in the Flip Page Format.

Or you can download the current issue in pdf format.

If you lose your password or want view your order details, you can go here:

Also we will be adding many new features to the premium edition such as:

1) Interactive interviews

2) Online premium articles

3) Discounts for premium subscribers only

4) Video how to instruction series

5) an much more...

Thank you for subscribing to Traders World Magazine

Remember, if you are not completely satisfied, please email us during the first 60-days for a 100% money back guarantee.


Larry Jacobs

Larry Jacobs - Editor

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