Gann’s Proof & Cause of Market Movements The Square of Odd and Even Numbers
by Daniel T. Ferrera

Into the Minds of the Masters Part II by Chris Verneulen  

The Grain Market Situation Where are we Now? by Daniele Prandelli 

The CIT Toolbox by George Krum 

How to Develop the Discipline to Stop Impulse Trading by Rande Howell 

Joe & Maintaining Trading Success by Adrienne Toghraie 

Market Timing - The Difference Between Success and Failure by Andrew Pancholi 

Ratio & Proportion Applied to the Elliott Wave Principle by Peter Goodburn 

Traders Dilemma and Resolution by Stan Ehrlich and Sumonto Ghosh

Easy Rythm by Stan Moore 

Hindu Tea Merchants Calculator or W.D. Gann’s Square of Nine by D.K. Burton

Key Ingredients for Your Trading Success by Thomas Barmann 

Traget Filled by Al McWhirr 

A Major Price and Sentiment Cycle Alignment in Gold and Silver by Lars von Thiene

 Putting the Cycles Back into the Market by David Hurst 

We don’t see the things as ther are, we see things as we are - Anas Nin by Craig Haugaard 

The Idea Moving Averages for Swing Trading by Clif Droke 

My Store and the Truth About Time Part 1 A True Story by David Franklin 

Review of the Path of Least Resistance by Daniel T. Ferrera

Review - Building Winning ALgorithmic Trading Systmes by Kevin J. Davey 

Sonata Trading Computer 

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