Understanding the Essence of W. D. Gann’s Market Philosophy by Daniel T. Ferrera

All About Loss by Adrienne Toghraie

Trading Truths I learned the Hard Way by Roger Felton

How to Stay Engaged with Activity Based Trading by Thomas Barmann Into

The Minds Of The Masters – Part I by Chris Vermeulen & Brad Matheny

Historical Overnight Tendencies & Edges by Rob Hanna

The Rate of Vibration and Its Applicaton to Trading

Trading Social Media Sentiment Cycles in EUR/USD by Lars von Thienen

Identifying Where the Profits Are by Gail Mercer

Measuring Stock Market Internal Strength by Clif Droke

Bust, Malaise or Boom Realizations of an Elliott Wave Analyst by Jim Forte

2015--2017: The Clash of Cycles 7, 17, 40 & 70-Year Cycles Collide in 2015 (--2017) by Eric Hadik

Time is a Problem with Moving Averages by Gilbert Steele

Mastering Moving Averages book review by Larry Jacobs

The Sonata Silent Trading Computer by Larry Jacobs

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