Inverview with Mark Minervini
Author of Trade Like a Market Wizard
By Larry Jacobs

The Real Rules of Alan (Pitchfork) Andrews
By Ron Jaenisch

Review of TradeColors

The Perfection Trap
By Adrienne Toghraie

Seasonal Analysis in Trading
By George Krum

Two Cumulative Delta Volume Analysis Patterns Every Scalper Needs to Know
By Gail Mercer

What Every Trader Needs to Know about Weekly Options
By Larry Gaines

The Saboteur in the Trader’s Mind
"There is someone in my head, but it’s not me." Pink Floyd
By Rande Howell 55

August 16 -23, 2013 — Another Crash?
By Pauline Novak-Reich

Predictive Indicators for Effective Trading Strategies
By John Ehlers

Why Past Performance of a Conventional (60-40) Portfolio Is NOT Indicative of Future Performance
By Michael Dever

Trend Trading using 2 to 1 Targeted Reward to Risk Ratios and New TFT Enhanced Software that Makes Trading Even More Visually Simplistic
By John Karnas 84

Trading the Outside Gap
John Matteson

Auto Trading As An Option Part 2
By Al McWhirr

Secrets of Volume Profiling in the Intraday Time Frames
By Rob Mitchell

Stochastic RSI (Relative Strength Index)
By Accendo Markets

Price and Time Polorized by Two
By Gilbert Steele

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