Traders World Issue #45

The 17-Year Cycle Part II
By Eric S. Hadik

What to Expect Following an Oct. Reversal
By Robert Miner

The Delusional Trader
By Adrienne Toghraie

The Discovery of New Planets Helped Magi
Astrology to Successfully Predict the Crash
of 2008

By The Magi Society

Interview with Options Expert
By Dale Wheatley

Geometry Angles and Planetary Lines
By David Burton

The Three Types of Traders
Why They Win & Why They Lose

By Brad Stewart

Interview with Greg Shrader Author of
A Look at the Masters Trading

Catching Big Trends By Identifying 
Non-Trending Markets!

By Bennett McDowell

Trading the End of Simple 
Corrective Patterns in the 
Direction of Momentum

By Jaime Johnson

How To Anticipate Major Market Turns
By David C. Reif

Understanding Trends & Trend line Breaks
By Daniel Ferrera

Reasons for support at 7150-7225 on 
the Dow Jones Industrial Averages!

By Robert Giordano

Astro Cycles
By Larry Pesavento

The Secret of Trading Elliott Wave 
By Larry Jacobs

The Return of $3.00 Silver
By Joel Rensink

What You Need to Know About W.D. Gann
By Nornam Winski

Murrey Wins the Gann Time and Price Award

Financial Astrology and the Future 
of the U.S. Economy, 2009-2013

By Barry Rosen

Announcing the New Sonata i7 
Trading Computer

By Larry Jacobs

Risk Control the Only Path to Success
By Tony Beckwith