Traders World Issue #44

The Final Battle in the Grand Super
Cycle Top: King Kong vs. Godzilla 

By Jim Forte, CMT

Comfort in Pain 
By Adrienne Toghraie

Author Michael Covel on Richard 
Dennis and the Turtles

By Art Collins

Money Management
By Bennett McDowell

17 Year Cycle 
By Eric Hadik

Exit Targets for Two Unit Positions
By Jaime Johnson

How Long Will Beans Surge Higher? 
By Ernie Quigley

The Secrets of Slippage and Fibonacci 
Price Analysis for Placing Stops 

By Barry Rosen

Why Foreign Currency is Today’s 
Largest Volume Trading Market Or, 
Why Traders Love Trading The Forex 

By Rick Smith

Murrey Math 60 Year Time Price Cycle
Report Card: Grade A+++

By T.H. Murrey

Is it Worth the Risk?
By Tony Beckwith

W.D. Gann’s 9-Sided Numbered Square 
By Earik Beann

Gann Grid Program
By Larry Jacobs

Sonata Trading Computer
By Larry Jacobs

Devising a Business Plan
By Sam Baum

Trading Simple Fibonacci Retracements
By Larry Pesavento

Mastering Trading Stress
Interview with Ari Kiev by Larry Jacobs

Game Theory for Winners! 
By Joel Rensink