Traders World Issue #34

Multiple Time Frame Trading Setups
By Robert Miner 

Trading The End-of-Wave C
By Jaime Johnson 

Trading - The Perfect Business
By Bennett A. McDowell 

The Secrets of Forecasting 

By Daniel T. Ferrera 

Do You Want to be Right? 

Ed Downs 

Stumbling Blocks of Trading Part 1

By Ron Schoemmell and Valdi Thorkelsson 

By Adrienne Laris Toghraie, MNLP, MCH

Mistakes as Stepping Stones for Trading Success

By Ruth Barrons Roosevelt 

Super Traders 
By Art Collins 

Getting Your Statistical Decision Models in Step with the Mainstream of Statistical Model Development
By Dennis McNicholl 

Annual Forecasts 
By Myles Wilson Walker 

Day Trading the Moon 
By Ted Phillips Jr. 

Trading Short Options
By Alan Parrycobs 

Options as a Stock Substitute: Profit While Lowering Your Dollars at Risk
By Price Headley 

By Carolyn Boroden 

Murrey’s Math Predicts Gann’s 8/8th Set to Squares: 100, 1,000, 10,000
By T.H. Murrey 

Trading Quality Improvement Update 
By Al Larson 

Swing Trading Chair
By Larry Jacobs 

Thinking in Probabilities 
By Larry Pesavento 

Gann Grids 
By Robert Giordano 

DeepInsight V8 (review) 

ELWAVE 7.0 (review) 

MetaStock Professional 8.0 (review) 

The Perfect Trading Computer
By Larry Jacobs