Traders World Issue #33

Dynamic Trader V4 Takes A Quantum Leap 
By Larry Jacobs 

The Three-line Break chart (TLB) – part I
By John Craciun 

Trading Psychology: the Trader’s Mindset 
By Bennett A. McDowell 

A Solar Eclipse and a Fast Break in a Stock 
By Myles Wilson Walker 

Paying the Price for Success 

By Adrienne Laris Toghraie, MNLP, MCH 

Practical Application of an Authentic ‘Square of Nine’ Part Two 
By Ken Gerber 

Murrey converts Gann to Murrey Math Real-Time Software 
By T.H. Murrey 

Soybeans Are In a Two Season Bull Market 
By Ernie P. Quigley 

Applications of Theoretical Wave Mechanics As Taught By Dr. Jerome 
By Brad Stewart 

Looking Back at the Past Thru the Square of Nine 
By Daniel Ferrera 

WD Gann Unveiled 
By D.K. Burton 

Systems Trading Might be the Edge You are Looking For 
By Thomas Salk 

Geometric Progression 
By Larry Jacobs 

Price Synchronicity 
By Carolyn Boroden 

Managing Your Short Option’s Position 
By Alan Parry 

Option Spreads: The Rosetta Stone that Sheds Crocodile Tears 
By Greg Donio 

The Secrets of the Square and Circle
By Eli Weiss 

The Simple ABC Correction 
By Steve Griffith 

Quality Improvement in Trading 
By Dr. Al Larson 

The FX Market - Past & Present 

By Mark Hollenstein 

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind 
By Larry Pesavento 

Gann and the Fifth Dimension 
By Granville Cooley 

Charting of Prices with System and Order 

By Joe Rondinone